Friday Miscellaneous

Yay, it’s Friday! Is anybody else having difficulty adjusting to the time change except me? This week I combined a couple of ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest. One, are these adorable mini cakes baked in a tin can. Second, are the rainbow cakes popping up everywhere. I especially love this one that Eddie Ross made using an ombre effect. My idea was mini cakes for St. Patrick’s Day. I attempted the ombre effect, but it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. Don’t look too closely. The perfectionist in me is wanting to fix that icing, but I’m trying to just let it go and just let be. If you decide to make these “can cakes”, note a couple of things – make sure to grease and flour the can, and for the icing, try piping it instead of spreading with a knife. I think they would’ve been less messier looking if I’d used a piping bag. Regardless, they taste good and they’re pretty cute too!

Other things I must share and discuss this week:

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  1. Every time I visit your blog I swear I have to pick my jaw up off the floor!!! Everything is stunning and you and Ella are both cute as a button!

  2. very cute little cakes, but ADORABLE green gingham dress!! that pregnancy announcement?! what can I say, it’s like her life is a magazine! she is adorable!! hope you have a lovely week!! xo

  3. kelly in georgia says:

    I loved Something Blue- thought it would make a much better movie than Something Borrowed….don’t know if it did well enough at the theaters to give a go-ahead for the sequel hoo. Would have liked it so much better.
    My daughter has absolutely loved Hunger Games (she read all 3 in the series – and she normally hates reading so that says alot about those books!)

    March Madness has definitely begun around here….

  4. what darling little cakes!! xoxo, -melanie-

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