friday miscellaneous

Happy Friday, readers! Do you love cute invitations as much as I do? I love this DIY invite. It just says fun to me.
One of these zig zag rugs would definitely brighten up my bathroom. Hmmm….which color shall I choose?
Have you met my boyfriend? He always says the sweetest things.I made these cupcakes this week for a cupcake party and they were delicious!

How cute is this apron? Polka dots and a scalloped hem? I think so. Bonus: there’s one in Ella’s size too!

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  1. Great DIY invite.

    Love the balloon and that cute little comment from
    “your boyfriend”

    Happy Friday!

  2. Kelly in Georgia says:

    Your boyfriend is dreamy, but your cupcakes look delish! How hard is it to do the frosting like that? What tip do you use for the decorator’s bag?

    • Kelly, that picture isn’t actually one of my cupcakes….it was from the page I got the recipe from. You should be able to click the link, but I don’t think it tells what tip was used.

  3. i adore that apron!!!!!! and want one for myself!!!

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